• Kinda Möbius
    This is a piece I completed a number of years back in school that I have wanted to write up retroactively… Ever since my childhood realization that the process of… Read more: Kinda Möbius
  • Moped Coat Rack
    A while ago I came across an unending supply of damaged brake levers generated through the routine maintenance of a moped fleet. It is very often that I must remind… Read more: Moped Coat Rack
  • Chocolate Petzl
    A friend of mine bought a desktop thermoforming machine and let me borrow it. I immediately grabbed a couple interesting objects around the house to pull a test form. The… Read more: Chocolate Petzl
  • Stained Glass Crane
    A friend of mine expressed interest in working on a stained glass project. Out of the various mediums of glasswork this was the one for which I was least suspecting… Read more: Stained Glass Crane
  • Neon Crane
    I started knowing absolutely nothing about the neon manufacturing process, beyond the equipment I could imagine would be involved to to fill the tube with a specific atmosphere. I won’t… Read more: Neon Crane