Stained Glass Crane

A friend of mine expressed interest in working on a stained glass project. Out of the various mediums of glasswork this was the one for which I was least suspecting to come across a collaborator. To my surprise, there was a particularly pleasant local vendor for any and all materials and tools required for the craft.

In accordance with my paper crane new medium “hello world” policy, which I have used in other projects, I settled on a projection of a paper crane. As this was my first stained glass piece, I aimed to minimize the number of distinct pieces of glass as well as any concave areas or curves. This allowed the project to commence without any special tools besides a scoring wheel (ie. no diamond grinder).

Notice the circles denoting concave corners. These are problematic as they cannot be simply scored and broken from two intersecting lines.
Copper tape application complete!

Ready for lead!

Totally eyeballed the hanger loop position, but it worked out the first try.

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