Moped Coat Rack

A while ago I came across an unending supply of damaged brake levers generated through the routine maintenance of a moped fleet. It is very often that I must remind myself and my colleagues that every single physical object is unique, despite the impressive precision of modern manufacturing. Just like snowflakes, the unique variance between copies of manufactured objects are often below the levels of unassisted human perception. These levers caught my eye as each had become conspicuously unique, as if their existing variances and imperfections had been amplified. They looked like something one would encounter in an engineering simulation, or under the scrutiny of a precision measurement tool. Of course, the form each lever took was primarily a function of the random abuse it encountered (primarily people accidentally tipping mopeds over with the handles taking the impact) and not existing imperfections.

The final construction consisted of two lengths of 8mm linear rail supported by custom ABS support spacers on Poplar. Reusing the 8mm bore on each handle allows for horizontal adjustment of each handle, a nice feature.

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